Design and style should work toward making you look good and feel good without a lot of effort so you can get on with the things that matter.

liquid flooring

Liquid Floors bring an outrageous walking surface to your designs. Walking on LiquidMotion Tiles creates a fantastic experience of curiosity and creativity completely unexpected from a flooring surface.

Leather Laminates

Leather Laminates are different from traditional laminates. Its decorative surface gives extraordinary feel to the designs.

high gloss carpediem laminates

carpediem is the superior high gloss laminate for modern interiors and renovations. With greater abrasive and scuff resistance, surfaces will maintain their shine over standard gloss laminates, while a modern range of stunning decors will help you create beautiful colour schemes.

Leather Mosaics Tiles

Creating a mosaic on a laminate countertop is similar to doing so on any other type of surface. The important thing is to make sure the surface is rough enough for the adhesive to stick. There are easy ways to give your existing laminate countertop some "tooth" to build your mosaic masterpiece on.

Installation Process

Step : 1

First scratch the plywood or mdf with emery paper in order to make it rough for better sticking of laminate.

Step : 2

Now clean the scratched surface of plywood or mdf with clean damp cloth.

Step : 3

Spread the adhesive (P.V.A or White glue) evenly on the scratched surface.

Step : 4

Place the Leather laminate on surface as per the size required. Note: how to cut the leather laminate click here

Step : 5

Put plastic before pressing the Leather Laminate in order to avoid damage to the upper layer of laminate. And hence it does make easy to remove air bubbles if there are any.

Step : 6

Always place an object between pressing clamp and the laminate to avoid damaging the skin of the laminate. Pressing clamps should be kept for minimum 24hours to give strong bonding results.

Step : 7

After removing the clamps cut or finish the excess sides of laminate with a sharp scissor.

Step : 8

To clean the laminate always use clean wet damp cloth. Do not use any harsh chemical reagents like soap, detergent, or any other cleansing agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Leather Laminate Or High lighter Laminate ?

Ans. :: Leather Laminate Or High lighter laminate are the newly introduced concept of using artificial leather into the making of laminates. Generally normal laminates are made of Design paper & craft paper but these laminates are made of Craft paper and synthetic leather giving the new look to the traditional laminates. These laminates are used to highlight the design of the interior concepts.

2. Which places are Suitable for application of Leather Laminates ?

Ans. :: Leather Laminates can be applied in any interior concept application like Wardrobe, Bed, TV Unit, Counters, Wall Panels, Partition, Ceilings and many more . It is advised to cover the laminate with glass on horizontal application like table top, Counter Top etc. Exterior application is not recommended due to direct sun rays.

3. How to Cut the Leather Laminates ?

Ans. :: Generally Leather Laminates is cut from the back side ( From craft paper side ). After Cutting the Craft paper, It should be cut with fine Scissor or paper cutter.

4. Which Adhesive should be used for Leather Laminate ?

Ans. :: Normal SH or SR adhesive( P.V.A. Or White glue) can be used to apply the Leather Laminate. No Special Adhesive Required for Pasting the Leather Laminates.

5. Handling of Leather Laminates during the process ?

Ans. :: The improper handling of laminates can be damaged the laminates. Especially the edges should be covered or precautions should be taken to bend or turn the Leather Laminates in 90 degrees to avoid the exposure of edges.

6. Is it Washable?

Ans. :: Yes. It is washable. You can clean the Leather Laminates with wet cloth. Even fur and fabric laminates can be clean with normal water with little wet cloth. Do not Use any strong Chemical or Detergent to clean it. Do not Use Brush or Scotch Bite to clean the laminate. Note: the cloth must be fresh or new to use.

7. What will be the thickness of the Leather Laminates ?

Ans. :: The Thickness of the Leather Laminates will be very from 1.3 mm to 2 mm depends on the design and pattern of laminates. It is advised to inspect the sample before application.

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